Good Things

I might be repeating a few good things I posted on other days, but I’ve been talking, texting, and thinking so much about everything that I can’t remember where I’ve put it. This seems like a good morning to start off  focusing on all the positive things going on.

One really cool thing from Thanksgiving was that I had recently decided to make a list of 1000 things I was thankful for. Then I upped it to 1 million, because God provides that many blessings. Anyway, there was this book in my car from my friend Shannon that I realized I’d never have time to read. So I returned it when I saw her and she said the gist of it is that you should write down 1000 things you’re grateful for!!!!! How cool is that? I swear I hadn’t read the back or even looked at the book, so it wasn’t some sort of delayed reaction. It was God being awesome. I started the list yesterday.

That night Naomi also started taking a bottle. Doesn’t sound huge but she’d barely eaten in days because she was confused about the weaning I’m forced to do, and she just would not take a bottle or sippy cup for more than a sip. Suddenly that night she took it like she loved bottles. Hasn’t stopped since. She’s so much happier now, I’m so very grateful.

I’m also glad for other things. I have so much peace and even some joy right now. God is going to be glorified through this, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. He is answering my prayers from long ago about doing something big for Him. And we have the chance to go to Mayo this week, and maybe something awesome will happen there. Naomi’s also been eating more table food, which is good, and Abigail is chipper and happy with all the people who keep showing up here. My mom and brother Ben arrived yesterday and we had some nice family time. Now we’re about to take family pictures, and everyone would normally groan about it. But I get to pull the cancer card and no one will dare complain about striking a pose. God is good.

One thought on “Good Things

  1. Erin, I know what you mean about a sense of peace. The day the surgeon finally got my biopsy report in 2007 he told me he had ggod news and bad news. I was home alone and my husband was about to get off work. He told me I did not have breast cancer, but I did have chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I was so shocked, because I was expecting something like a cyst. I started crying and trying to think about what I needed to ask. When I got off the phone I wouldnot call my husband, because I did not want him to drive home knowing this news, suddenly. I called his sister, who had no clue how to comfort me. She put on her “mother hat” and we talked until John came home. After I shared the news with my husband and my mother I started to develop a peace. I turned to my husband and told him that no matter what God would be glorified through my journey. I was fine after that.


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