Pics from the other day

Posted by PicasaThis is Yaacov and me from the pics we took the other day.

Just Abigail, almost 4 years old, in her homemade glasses.

Precious Naomi and me, almost 8 months old.

This is Yaacov and me with the girls, my mom, and my brother Ben.

Thanks to all who are reading this story and praying for us. I pray for you all as well, and hope God blesses you abundantly for your dedication.

7 thoughts on “Pics from the other day

  1. Praying for you Erin! Just read your whole blog through tears. Eliana is only a month younger than Naomi and the thought of having to wean her so unexpectedly broke my heart. Im so glad she is showing you how much she still needs you! There are many people you dont know praying for your healing too as I have asked all my friends to pray. It may give you hope to know my friends father is 13 months into stage 4 lung cancer where he was given 2 years to live but the cancer is almost completely gone. I believe too that God doesn't make mistakes and He will use you for His glory. I wish we had his perspective though.


  2. Love the photos, Erin! You look so much like your mom, and Naomi looks so much like Abi! I love those rolls of baby fat on Naomi 🙂

    I have been thinking of you every day and will do anything that I can to help you and your family through this. Please don't hesitate to ask for any help that you need, whether it be from the medical side of things, or if you just need an ear or a shoulder.


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