50 States

Well, I tried to find an interactive map to keep on here and mark off the states where there are people praying for us, but it was easier said than done. However, I have been so moved by hearing about all the prayer chains and lists we’re on that I really want to track it. Our goal will be to have at least one person in every state praying for us, so that when God heals me we can spread the good news back out and the entire land will hear of His glorious deeds!

We would really appreciate you asking people in various states to pray, and tracking who they are to make sure they rejoice along with us later. Hopefully we can get at least 5 people in each state praying, in case priorities change over time. Anyway, please let Yaacov, me, or Susan know if you secure prayer in a new state so we can track it (commenting on this page works best, but any other method is great too). The states I am certain of right now are: FL, AL, AZ, GA, MI, OH, NY (and Guatemala).

52 thoughts on “50 States

  1. Erin, Parsons Dahl invited me to your blog. I have added you and your family to my prayer list. I saw where you were trying to keep track of the prayer partners in each state so I've added a friend in Virginia to pray for you as well. She has just had some miracles in her life and answered prayers, so she is on fire for the Lord and knows first hand about healings! We will. follow your blog and pray!!!


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