Reality Check

I had so much I wanted to blog about last night, but pastors, elders, and loved ones from the church came over to pray for us, and when they left we discovered Abigail was sick. I think it’s an ear infection, which is poorly timed because it’s her first school play tonight and she might have to miss it. But this stuff happens. It is real life. I’m so fortunate to have the type of schedule and lifestyle that I can stay up all night with her, cancel everything scheduled for the day at the drop of the hat, and have no repercussions. Not only is it a great reminder that God is taking care of us, but it makes me so grateful that I’m the sick one instead of Yaacov or one of my precious babies. Thank-you, Lord, for your ultimate wisdom and for the lessons we’re all learning through it.

God showed me a little more about Him while I laid with Abigail last night. She was so sick and upset, crying out for comfort. But no matter how hard I tried to break through her discomfort with my hugs and snuggles, she couldn’t get past her feelings to accept it. Even when I silenced her she woke again shortly and was in the same state of mind. I wonder how much I do that to God. I think I want His help, but am I really ready to receive it? Or am I going through the motions but really wanting to stay wrapped up in my personal tragedy?

I don’t want to be wrapped up in myself and even though I try to focus on God, most of that still ends up with what He’s doing about my situation. I am so touched and honored by all these people praying for us, I’m trying to get better about praying for all of you as well. We might not be going through the same thing but there’s no reason you don’t deserve some love and prayer for your own struggles. So, if you have issues you’d like my family and me to pray for, please let me know through a comment on here or private email to I would be touched for the opportunity to pray for your circumstances.

The exciting note I wanted to make is that a few days ago I mentioned my difficulty getting satan and his influence out of my life. Then, what do you know? Yesterday I flipped through the radio and Joyce Meyer was ranting about something. I was looking for a great song, not a message, so almost changed the station. God didn’t let me though, and it turned out she was talking about that exact issue. Coincidence? I think not. She was talking about James 4:7, that says to “Submit yourselves therefore to God and the devil will flee from you”. The key I was missing was the submission part. I need to live in a constant state of submission anyway, but if I still find myself in a bind with his influence around me, I need to stop, pray, release any of my own desires, and get that loser devil out of here.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. I was referred to your blog by a friend who just went through a very complicated pregnancy, and asked me to pray for you. Today I listened to a message called “Jesus is the Only Mediator” that will really help and encourage you. It shows from one man's profound experience how he found the better way to pray. Listen to it, enjoy it, and let your mind be renewed in the life of Jesus!


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