Updated Map, Need 8 More States

Just wanted to post the updated map because I can’t add that as a comment on any others. The states we still need are: AR, IA, MO, MT, NM, ND, SD, and WY. Only 8 more! I have a big prayer request coming up (don’t know the date yet but hope to find out next week), and hope to have someone in all the states praying by then. Remember to note who says they’ll pray so you can tell them the great news about how God answered their prayers later!

The countries we have are: China, Argentina, Spain, England, Jamaica, Korea, Peru, Dubai, Guatemala, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Columbia, Lebanon, Ireland and India. I am so grateful to you all!

9 thoughts on “Updated Map, Need 8 More States

  1. I am from New Mexico and am sending you positive energy and a hug! Will continue to think of you and your family through this journey. Keep your head up. There is a lot of love surrounding you.

    Warmly, Megan


  2. I have friends and family in WY and Arizona!! When I share your story with them you will no doubt have prayers being said for you in those two states as well!! So fill in those white spaces!!


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