Abi turned four today! I am thrilled to have known and raised the most amazing little girl this whole time. It is a complete honor and I can’t wait to see how the next four pan out.

I was praying this morning about precious Abigail and what a blessing she has been, and got to thinking about how we all should have faith like little children. Matthew 18:3 says, “Truly I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. Abi sets an amazing example of faith–no bad things have gotten in the way of her belief or tainted her pure, unadulterated passions. She doesn’t understand everything about God or Jesus, but she does believe the truth about what they’ve done for us. She doesn’t know the extent of my illness, but she believes Jesus will heal me.

So if I am to be like a child in my faith, I will take the living word of God and believe what it says. There are many examples in the Bible of Jesus healing people. In fact, it happens nonstop in the new testament, not just one in a million times. I am aware that Jesus didn’t heal everyone, but using that as an excuse for unbelief contradicts behaving like a child. The Bible doesn’t refer to all the sick people off somewhere who Jesus ignored, people just grow up and realize there must have been some, then put God in a box accordingly. I don’t think that’s the point of having faith like a little child. The point is you don’t need to overanalyze everything, or let common sense (which is actually learned by life experience) get in the way. To be like a child you just do it now and ask questions later.

Matthew 21:22 says, “If you believe, you will receive anything you ask for in prayer.” 1 John 5:14 adds, “now this is the confidence we have in him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He will answer us.” In John 14:13-14 Jesus said “And I will do whatever you ask in my name so that the father will be glorified in the son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

So, I’m tossing out about 28 years of jaded, biased, negative thinking and getting back to the faith I might have had when I was 4. I will keep praying, and most importantly, believing, that I will be healed. Cured, actually. Not by doctors, not by diet, but by God Almighty. By the sovereign God whose wrath I deserve but will not face. “Be exalted, O Lord. We will sing and praise your power.” (Ps 21:13)

8 thoughts on “Children

  1. Erin………..Prayers and God's Blessings upon you.

    Keep the blogging as you feel up to it. I am sharing them with Prayer Warriors and they are calling out to God in your behalf.
    Happy Birthday Miss Abi, Mommie's little Princess I am sure.

    love you all


  2. Hey Erin,
    I just discovered your blog yesterday and have been so inspired by your strength! It took me some time to get through each posting, but I am finally caught up. I was thinking about your trip to Texas and about how everything can seem different with a new perspective. Perhaps God is having these doctors say this only to confirm what a miracle it will be when you are healed??

    You know those doubters that always try to explain away miracles “Oh, they must have just misdiagnosed or it probably wasn't really stage 4, or they didn't really mean it was incurable.”

    Although at the time, it may be hard to hear their negativity, in the future it will only confirm what a spectacular miracle God has performed when you are healed. Encouraging those doubters to believe all the more. Praying and thinking of you…


  3. Erin-
    I heard about you at a bible study last night. I have seen God heal many people through the laying on of hands and would love the opportunity to pray for you (through the laying on of hands). If you're open to it you can email me at


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