Diet and Random Answers

I already posted today with content stuff, but a lot of people have been asking about random details of what I’m going through. So this should answer it. Please don’t worry about bombarding me with questions either, I’m happy to share any details.

My Diet:
I’m followig the anti-cancer diet to the best of my ability. It is difficult for me as it’s very time-consuming and I already don’t have much time. Yaacov is also following it, and the girls are getting closer. When I mentioned this diet before I forgot to say that the limited science behind it also is primarily just to help stop or slow the spread of cancer. It is to be used along with medication and not in the place of it. Please don’t follow this diet without evaluating it yourself. It was written 5 years ago and things change quickly.

The basics are–
No or very limited sugar and white flour (that includes no honey, cane or corn syrup, etc.)
Primarily eat veggies/fruit (organic best)
Whole grains good, multi-grains better, sourdough is okay but not helpful
Fish is good, I just don’t like it
Animals and animal fats are limited and grassfed organic
I take 16 pills per day (vitamins, supplements, etc.)
Drinking tons of green tea, pomegranate juice, probiotic, some grape juice
Eat lots of berries
Add flax
Add tumeric
Drink red wine but not during chemo (no problem, I hate the taste)
Use olive oil
Add garlic
Exercise 30 min 6 days per week
Limit stress
Go to support groups

My hair stopped falling out after getting some bald spots. They were in front so I could not have rocked the “I just have thin hair” look. I still have my eyebrows, arm hair and eyelashes!
My mouth sores have been mostly gone, although I have some today. I think getting extra sleep will help because I’ve been deprived lately. I had all 4 very harsh chemo treatments, and in 2 weeks (so 3 total weeks of vacation from chemo) I start an easier treatment. I’ll get it each week for about 12 weeks. My hair could start growing back anytime between now and the 8th treatment. I often think it’s already growing, but I got a good look at it today and realize that isn’t the case.

Behavior analysts will appreciate the respondent conditioning that goes on during chemo. For me I noticed that the one time I went to the office and did NOT receive any treatment, my port started hurting while I was sitting in the nurse’s room. It hurt for 2 days even though no needle ¬†touched it. I also cannot stand the smell of coffee because it’s the first thing I drank after my initial chemo treatment. My responses have not been too bad, but some people fare much worse during this type of chemo. The nurse told me that one woman begins throwing up as soon as she sees the syringe filled with that disgusting stuff.

That’s about it, but if there are any questions I didn’t answer let me know.

2 thoughts on “Diet and Random Answers

  1. Thanks Erin for the updates.
    It helps to know whats going on in your world, so I can better pray and my friends are always asking for updates and we try to pray specifically.

    Praying these 3 weeks off will be good days for you and you can catch your breath.
    love you Erin……..
    “Prayers going up, Blessings coming down”


  2. Erin, I only know you via other relatives and I have been following your blog. I have wanted to reply several times however, just figured out how to do so! When I was going thru chemo I had mouth and throat sores and used viscous lidocaine 2% soln. You will need a script for this but it helps when trying to eat. Use it just prior to eating and a few times/day.It will really take the edge off the pain. Hope this helps. I have been thinking and praying for you since the beginning of your journey and will continue to pray for a healthier you!


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