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While I have not heard from the doctors about the PET scan yet, I much more importantly believe I have been healed by God. So it doesn’t matter what they say Thursday.

It all started with my new favorite verses from the Bible. Mark 11:22-24 says these extremely important words, ” ‘Have faith in God’ Jesus answered. ‘Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go throw yourself into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

I meditated on these verses, discussed what else it could possibly mean with Yaacov, and prayed a lot about it. Then I went outside, rebuked the devil in Jesus’ name, and prayed for help keeping him out. In this prayer I specifically asked for healing along with freedom from this spirit that has been making me misplace items all the time. Afterward I felt the same but because the word says, “BELIEVE you have RECEIVED it”, I believed. I told Yaacov I was healed and only then was I filled with the holy spirit. It felt awesome and reassuring.

That should be enough (Dayenu!), but it gets better. I decided that someone who is healed does not check on her lump so I’m not feeling it anymore, nor am I saying, “I have cancer” because I don’t. If it continues to show up on the tests I will say, “I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Anyway, throughout the day I was frustrated to misplace a few more things. So I finally prayed that God would show me missing items to demonstrate that my prayers had been answered. As I finished praying I lifted up the deflated air mattress that has been sitting in our junk room for two weeks. No one has touched it during that time. Underneath the mattress was my missing hat. Mind you, I was given that hat last Wednesday (1/25) and hadn’t seen it since I wore it (1/26). I rarely go into that room and had not on the day I wore it. But there it was. Under something that hadn’t been moved since January 16. Get it? “BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED IT AND IT WILL BE YOURS.” That’s it. It is done.

13 thoughts on “My News

  1. Oh Erin, I am right there with you, proclaiming you are healed. I have been praying & checking your blog all day for thes good news, now I'll be looking fwd to your post on Thursday! Keep positive girl! You are amazing!


  2. Erin, if this is the hat I think it is, I was commissioned to make it for you (navy blue, crocheted with a little bow on the side?). Please know that I prayed for you with each stich of that hat. I'm so blessed that the Lord used it (maybe?) to show you He is listening!

    You are such an inspiration to me during my own minor struggles right now. You're faith in our God is amazing and you are truly in my prayers each day!


  3. We have been praying for you daily. We have your name on our dry erase board. Every time i walk by it i pray for you. We are BELIEVING for a MIRACLE. By His stripes we are healed. Wyatt asks about how you are all the time. What a sweet reminder that you made an impact on him in BSF. We would love to bring a meal. Or anything to help you out…….i can clean a house something fierce! Leslie James


  4. I love this post!! I started reading your blog a couple weeks ago when a fb friend, who goes to your church, shared it. I am praying for you and inspired by your transparency! I also thought about you when another friend of mine posted this thing that her family is doing with the sale of a book her grandpa wrote. Here is the youtube video. Just thought I would share! I am praying for your family as often and I think of you!


  5. I began reading your blog several weeks back and am so blown away by your strength and faith! You are truly an inspiration, the way you are allowing God to work through you to minister to others as well as strengthen you during this time. You may not remember me, but I had the priviledge of loving on Abi for a few months at preschool last year. My husband and I moved the first of November, so I was unable to stay teaching. Abi is such a smart and sweet girl and now I see where she got it! I just want you to know that you are in my prayers and I am praying so hard for you like I have never prayed before, esp. for tomorrow and the PET scan results!!!! I believe strongly that God is about to really show off through you!!!! Love in Christ!!!!


  6. Hi,

    I have this friend whose quite knowledgeable and a genuine, God loving person. Well, you may be aware of this finding about a mummy which appears to show signs of having suffered through cancer. When I mentioned this to my friend he replied , “Yes, that it is true, some people did have cancer long ago, but only those people who chose not to go to an alchemist”. When I expressed my disbelief about his statement, he replied that long ago, alchemists were able to cure people of all forms of diseases by using alchemy…. and then went on to rapidly list all these ancient names and dates.
    I thought this sounded interesting. And a more gentle way of healing with God's love.


  7. Listen,
    There is absolutely no proof that “god” heals people's illnesses. You know what does…science! You should realize how lucky we are (yes, lucky not blessed) to be living at a time with so many advanced medical practices. Yes, I did not capitalize the “g” in god and also put quotations around it because I'm an atheist. You need to stop believing in an invisible sky daddy, you are directly responsible for retarding the growth of our civilization. Unlike most atheist I am NOT a humanist so I could care if you live or die, but stop bringing everyone down with you.


  8. How is it possible that religion is declining in America but life expectancy has increased. Could it be the advancement of western medicine? Seems as if this god, who is a very jealous god, would kill all these non-believers rather than “heal” them. Oh ya that's right, he isn't real and science is responsible for our advancement.


  9. Erin, my cousin, happens to be an amazing women. She has a beautiful heart that extends far beyond. She also has been very strong with such a positive attitude that is commendable. Its called having faith, she has alot of it and her family has alot of it.


  10. Faith that medicine will heal her. Faith that one day her cancer will be in remission. Faith that there is someone in the sky looking down and decides to take her cancer away while a child down the hall is dying from a rare bone cancer is just selfish and delusional. How can any one praise this god for “curing” her cancer when but religious views he “allowed” her to get cancer in the first place?


  11. Fatgirl, all the questions you've posed were answered throughout the course of my blog, so you're welcome to read the rest if you really want my opinion. As for this new one though, you're operating under the misguided assumption you mentioned yesterday that I would have no answers and claim, “God works in mysterious ways”. That is NOT my answer, and I am not and was not angry that He allowed me to have cancer. God allows a lot of bad things to happen every day, as you mentioned. But He does it for His ultimate glory, for our longterm (eternal) well-being. We can't understand it all because we can only see the short term and He's smarter than us. I'm happy to go back and forth with you more thoroughly via email at


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