I know this isn’t a very formal way to invite people, but we’d love to celebrate God’s healing with as many people as possible. We will be at Tom Brown park Friday (tomorrow) from about 4-6pm. That way kids can play, we’ll have food and lots and lots of joy. There may be dancing. Consider it canceled if it rains. We picked that time to try to catch kids before dinner, or parents on the way home from work. Hopefully lots of you can be there, and I’m sorry to those it doesn’t work out for.

10 thoughts on “Celebration!

  1. Erin…we are weeping with joy! Trinity Community Church has been lifting up you and your family every Wednesday night and I have to tell you that when we pray for you there is such power…it has been a blessing and a privilege to pray for you and now to rejoice with you! I believe that your healing is going to be a breakthrough in the heavenlies for our whole community. Thank you, dear sister, for being so faithful and for sharing so openly with us all.
    Donna Letton


  2. I'm SO SO happy for you guys!! (I am a colleague of Yaacov's from Nebraska). We've been sending ALL of the positive energy that we can muster and I'm beyond thrilled for you guys. What an amazing day! We'll celebrate for you from 4-6 in Nebraska… dancing and all!


  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone and for being such a great example of faith for all around you. We enjoyed the great celebration today (I joined Angela, Tristan, and Brennan with you all a little late). Thought you'd enjoy this: tonight at the start of his prayers, Tristan said “we need to pray for Erin.” I asked if he saw you today at the park and he said “yes, she was the one with the big smile.”


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