Update and Biopsy

There’s sort of a lot going on. I had my seventh Taxol treatment and am still doing well. I figured out that the daily side effects I struggle with (something akin to restless leg syndrome that keeps me from sleeping is the worst) are actually from a steroid I get with my pre-drugs. I feel better knowing that, because sometimes I feel like I’m going … Continue reading Update and Biopsy

Finally, A Willing Sacrifice

This has been one of the biggest weeks I could imagine, and not at all for the reasons I expected. As I said the other day I was praying and thinking a lot about canceling chemo. Thanks so much for the input and prayers about that decision. I finally know the answer but want to explain a little more background first… First, the PET scan … Continue reading Finally, A Willing Sacrifice

Chemo…blah blah…God…blah blah…

I had my fifth Taxol treatment last week. It wasn’t bad but I’ve officially lost my sense of smell. I barely have any taste left but can tell if something is salty and one more sensation I can’t exactly label. Close to bitter but not exactly. The smell thing is really weird and I don’t know when it left because I’ve been sick and assumed … Continue reading Chemo…blah blah…God…blah blah…

One Answer

I always knew God had big reasons for allowing me to go through this storm. I may never know the full extent of purposes, and I don’t really care anymore. But, there’s one that He’s been blaring at me for days now so I need to share. I think, no, I KNOW that the way my story spread so quickly and inspired so many to … Continue reading One Answer