NOT Cancer

Well, Rassam was wrong. Whatever is wrong with my hip is not cancer. It’s entirely manageable, no big deal. I only asked him about it because I hoped it was a chemo side effect and wasn’t sure how to treat it.

I knew God wouldn’t allow this to be cancer, but still had moments of uneasiness. I definitely started crying with joy when I spoke to the nurse today. I need to remember that these “cancer-scares” will happen for the rest of my life, whether or not I am truly healed of cancer now (I AM, btw). Because once you’re stage 4 the doctors are just waiting for the new spots to come up so watch you more carefully, etc. He said I’ll have a PET scan every 2-3 months and then extra tests depending on pain, etc. However, in my case every time the results come out clear, there will be more credence to the idea that I am actually healed from this disgusting disease. So, I’m going to embrace these times.

Ps 116:1, “I love the Lord, for He heard my voce; He heard my cry for mercy.” That is MY God!!!!!! OUR God. If He is for us, WHO can be against us??!!?? Satan might be the prince of this world, but God is the KING of the universe. Nothing happens that He does not permit. And He does NOT permit cancer in my body. My body is the temple for the living God. No room for nonsense in here. The end!!!

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