This is my first bad day since the surgery. I had successfullly stayed in a daze of denial until now. To give you an idea, it is 9:30 am and I am still in bed. Remember, I have children so staying here until 7:30 would have been a luxury. So, the sun was streaming in on me more than usual, and I gingerly stretched and … Continue reading Today

Less of me to love…

Well, it’s done. I’m home. I will go into some detail for the sake of others in this situation for the future. First of all, the physical pain from the surgery and recovery is nothing. I had heard that but didn’t understand the extent to which it was true. I had a morphine pump at first and used it whenever I was awake, because I … Continue reading Less of me to love…

Surgery Results

Hi Everyone – This is Yaacov with an update on Erin. The surgery went well yesterday and the doctors said things went according to plan. Erin’s had a good deal of nausea thus far, but her spirits are high regardless. She’ll likely be there through tomorrow at the very earliest, so prayers would still be appreciated that she regains her strength and mobility soon. Throughout … Continue reading Surgery Results

Cancer AND Chemo Free!!!! (written 5/3/12)

When I published yesterday’s blog I noticed that this one was never published. I wrote it 5/3 and somehow saved it as a draft instead. The reference to a school play was before the ballet recital you might have seen on Facebook. From 5/3/2012: This was such an amazing day AND week, I hate to just do a quick blog about it. I don’t have … Continue reading Cancer AND Chemo Free!!!! (written 5/3/12)

Generational Stuff and Alternative Medicine

As an update, I’ve been done with chemo for 10 days or so. Feel the same as always but I don’t know if that’s because I was doing well with chemo in the first place or I haven’t started recovering yet. I can’t figure out a tangible measurement to compare the way I felt pre-chemo to now. When you live with stuff long enough, it … Continue reading Generational Stuff and Alternative Medicine

Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!!!!!!!!!

First, I have to apologize for my posts from the last few days. In my efforts to document this journey I was insensitive and self-absorbed, which resulted in my downplaying the support people have been giving me. I am so sorry to you all, for if you read this I know you care for and support me. Thank-you all so very much for putting up … Continue reading Joy to the World, the Lord is Come!!!!!!!!!