Surgery Results

Hi Everyone – This is Yaacov with an update on Erin. The surgery went well yesterday and the doctors said things went according to plan. Erin’s had a good deal of nausea thus far, but her spirits are high regardless. She’ll likely be there through tomorrow at the very earliest, so prayers would still be appreciated that she regains her strength and mobility soon.

Throughout this process, I’ve been consistently drawn to John 15:1-2, which states, “I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.” This simple gardening truth rings as true today as it did when Jesus said these words. The illustration was a concrete reminder to His audience that those who are to grow in Him need pain, trials, and pruning in order. Given the choice, a branch would not ask to be cut, and would likely be content with its production. It’s the gardener that knows what each branch needs in order to be most effective for the master. In the same way, we would certainly not ask for our daily struggles, and we often ask for them to be taken away; but it is He that knows what we need to bear our fruit for Him.

Though Erin’s trials have tugged at my heart, as yours, and it’s painful to see a loved one go through such incredibly hard circumstances, I have seen first hand the fruit she has born. The ministry and testimony that is now hers would not have otherwise been possible, and I consider myself blessed to be a supporter of my wife.

I’m reminded that Jesus’ words in this passage paint a picture of duality such that the Father prunes and allows us pain, but also that He is near. A garderner is never as close to its branches as when it’s carefully pruning.

3 thoughts on “Surgery Results

  1. Great interpretation and real world application/example as applied to your current situation.
    God bless you both, and our prayers continue.
    Thanks, Uncle Jamison


  2. I've been thinking of your family constantly and praying for all of you. Your entire family has become a testimony of His love and care through incredibly difficult circumstances. My prayer is that God blesses Erin with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength as she recovers and Yaacov with the same as he provides the support that is so essential to that recovery. Thank you for sharing your journey…


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