Started Radiation but Who Cares?

I started radiation. It’s weird, but I’m not in the mood to blog about it. I AM in the mood to talk about Leviticus! I’m reading through the Bible and as you might know, Leviticus is one that is really easy to gloss over. It’s all about the details for the sacrifices God’s people had to make before Jesus came along as the ultimate sacrifice. I … Continue reading Started Radiation but Who Cares?

Preparing for Radiation

I haven’t blogged in awhile, but fear not–it’s because I just didn’t have anything to say. Believe it or not I’m doing very well. I’ve struggled a bit with fatigue that was worse than during chemo. I was sleeping 11 and 12 hours some nights, but was still exhausted and kept telling Yaacov I thought something was wrong with me. Next thing you know, I … Continue reading Preparing for Radiation


I can’t sleep. Third night in a row. The tragic death of my friend’s 18- month-old daughter is haunting me. I keep trying to imagine how it would feel to learn my only child had suddenly passed away. Then trying NOT to imagine how it would feel to learn my only child had suddenly passed away. I am often surrounded by people who have miscarriages or … Continue reading Memorial

Tips for those getting assessed for breast cancer

Well, I’m an “expert” now so I’m going to make some lists of random things that have or could have helped me through cancer and beyond. Maybe I’m not actually an expert but I know more than I wish I did about it. Today I’ll write up some things I verbally advise people about for early days in the diagnosis process, and then sometime soon I’ll put in one … Continue reading Tips for those getting assessed for breast cancer

Miracle Stories

I received the “Hero for Hope” award tonight from The Ride for Hope ( In my acceptance I stumbled over my words and didn’t say exactly what I had planned, but Yaacov says it was good so I’m not going to worry about it. They surprised me by having Dr. Crooms come to present me with the award. He was literally between surgeries–after finishing one he … Continue reading Miracle Stories

PET Results and Whatnot

I guess I never got around to reporting my most recent PET scan results–ALL CLEAR, hooray! At this point it’s not exactly a surprise because I already knew I was healed. But it is great, great confirmation! I am still praying about having radiation and taking the Tamoxifen. These are expected by my healthcare providers but I have a hard time doing it while knowing … Continue reading PET Results and Whatnot

Pathology Report

Well, it happened! I just saw my FAVORITE nurse, Karen, who is Dr. Crooms’ nurse. She removed my staples, drains, and gave my report from surgery…My pathology report from bilateral mastectomies and removal of 10 lymphnodes came back, NO CANCER!!!!!!!!!!! The phrase, “no evidence of disease” that I was hoping for is not in there, but it doesn’t matter. The pathologist who wrote it just … Continue reading Pathology Report