Limiting God

Some devoted Christians have a hard time handling or believing the fact that I was healed. Or that anyone they know will be healed of something huge. My faith is so much bigger, stronger, and more fulfilling now that I know I’ve been healed. It is the biggest blessing that could have come out of cancer. I hate the idea that others can’t get into … Continue reading Limiting God

Terminal Cancer

I can’t sleep. I’m having flashbacks of my trip to MD Anderson from last year. I just went back and read the blogs I wrote then (1/9/12) and can’t believe how upbeat I sounded compared to how I felt. The Lord really carried me through that awful time. I have thought a lot about it lately because, as I mentioned, my friend Alison went there … Continue reading Terminal Cancer

Still Recovering…and Upcoming Events

I am definitely still recovering from the DIEP surgery. I have had many moments of regretting the surgery. I don’t know if it was too soon or just because I happen to have gotten sick at the same time. Everyone I spent time with at Christmas got sick, so it wasn’t just because my immune system was down, but it hit me so hard I … Continue reading Still Recovering…and Upcoming Events