It’s a BOY!

You can check in on some people and find them doing life in much the same way, and with the same people, in any given decade. I’ve been known to long for such a steadfast lifestyle, even though that’s not one the Lord has called Yaacov and me to. Right now I have no regrets though. It’s been six years since the Lord healed me of my “terminal” breast cancer. Then He led me to hold hands with others who were going through similar diagnoses. After that we helped start a little school before spending a couple years homeschooling. Last year we moved across Tallahassee to prepare for a church plant, Yaacov became an elder, and the girls started private school. It was a huge blessing that I could the last year as a stay at home mom while the kids were in school, because I really needed that rest: It’s finally time for our next adventure!

God willing, we expect our sweet little family to grow in the next few months.

We’ll call him Teddy.


The Lord first put adoption on Yaacov’s heart a year ago, and I was an easy sell from there. It is such an honor that the Lord adopted us into His family, and He’s faithful to provide all we need to care for His other children. Of course, we tried to set rules for the Lord to abide by, including that we wouldn’t take babies or boys, and it took awhile for Him to remind us that we are the ones who do the abiding. So He refocused our hearts and are thrilled by the opportunity to welcome this tiny two-year-old boy into our lives.

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship.” Romans 8:14-15

There are a lot of things to be nervous about. Many things could go wrong between now and the actual adoption, so we’d love prayer for that, and for the Abi and Naomi, who are struggling with the reality of beginning to share a room in order to make way for their new little brother. And how are we going to find the energy and patience to raise another baby? We are trying to stay focused on the Lord while frantically gathering all the things we need for this little guy. We couldn’t be more excited to bring him home, and can’t wait to share more details and pictures of him when it’s official.


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