Good, and Better

It took longer than expected, but we had our new son, Teddy, in our home from Thursday until this morning. We expect to get him for good in about a week. Despite having tons of time to prepare for the homecoming, the house is disorganized, there’s a ton of stuff we need, and emotional turmoil abounds. With all this, God is good.

There are so many small things that come with raising a toddler that you don’t think about, but that vary from family to family. He has expectations, we have expectations, and they don’t always align. But we are figuring it out and enjoying the process.

Well, most of us. One of our girls is having a really hard time sharing her life with her new brother. I can’t really blame her–everything changed on Thursday, and she isn’t the one who heard the call to bring more children into the family in the first place. Part of me feels like a traitor, choosing to love someone else who makes her feel less loved by her parents. But when I get focused back on the Lord, I know it is Good. It is Good that she learns that what feels best isn’t always what is right (walking by the flesh v. Spirit).  It is Good that she has this opportunity to grow in her understanding of how deeply the Lord knows and cares for her. And it is even better for her to recognize how hard the Christian life can be–“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” (Gal 5:14). That’s what reminds us how badly we need our Savior.

So, we delight in the blessing of getting to raise Teddy, and in returning to the days where we trip over baby toys in the dark. And yes, with the help of the Lord we will relish the opportunity to struggle with and grow in love.

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