Wedding Vows

My big brother is getting married! Bennie is getting married! Eeeeeek, I’m going to have a new sister! I always wanted a sister! Okay. Deep breath. There’s only a week left before the wedding and I’m completely thrilled in a thousand different ways, but want to take some time to focus on the important ones–that is, the Important One. His name is Jesus. AKA, The Bridegroom. … Continue reading Wedding Vows


I was reading through my blog and my heart just about stopped when I got to one of the most precious moments in there–“Dayenu”! My heart has this achy, drowsy, lovey-dovey feeling when I read the words He gave me back then. I wrote it back on January 4, 2012, I was going through chemo, with no real idea if the Lord would have mercy … Continue reading Dayenu!

FIVE Year Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been five years since I was healed! Despite tons of tests and false alarms to get the anxiety rushing, there has never been even one result that came back as cancer. The result of every biopsy, x-ray, PET scan, ultrasound, bone scan, and blood tumor marker work-up has testified that the Lord miraculously removed every cell of cancer from my body, … Continue reading FIVE Year Anniversary