Events and Prayers

I have mixed feelings about keeping this blog going. It was such a huge part of my cancer journey, and I have been extremely blessed by the responses of people who read it.Before I was healed I mentioned a fear on here that when people stopped supporting me as much I would feel irrelevant. That definitely happened, as it happens to most people who deal … Continue reading Events and Prayers

Cancer AND Chemo Free!!!! (written 5/3/12)

When I published yesterday’s blog I noticed that this one was never published. I wrote it 5/3 and somehow saved it as a draft instead. The reference to a school play was before the ballet recital you might have seen on Facebook. From 5/3/2012: This was such an amazing day AND week, I hate to just do a quick blog about it. I don’t have … Continue reading Cancer AND Chemo Free!!!! (written 5/3/12)

My Pity Party

I’ve been too busy to blog lately–I’ve been having a grand pity party with no time for such matters.I’ve been learning a bit about “survivorship”, which I will define as the extremely difficult time we have between the hub-bub and fuss of treatment and returning to “normal” life. I have been sort of quiet about it considering how much mental anguish I’ve found myself in, … Continue reading My Pity Party