BRCA and Brains

Did you hear Angelina Jolie has the BRCA 1 genetic mutation and had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction to combat the effects? Because I heard. I have heard about it more than the Boston bombings. I don’t know if it’s actually newsworthy or if my tiny world of breast cancer is highlighting it. I am glad she was tested and is taking it seriously. … Continue reading BRCA and Brains

How do tears fall without eyelashes?

I’ve tried really hard not to focus on the vain aspects that go with cancer and chemo, but the time has come and I’m consumed by them. I pray for total, supernatural healing, but let’s face it, if God wants to sustain me for many years on chemo, that would still be an enormous blessing. Unfortunately, that would mean spending the rest of my life … Continue reading How do tears fall without eyelashes?