I’m close to a breakdown…not sure I can handle this…I just learned someone I knew in college recently died. Of cancer. Yaacov didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation, which means you all reading this probably won’t either. That’s part of the isolation of the ridiculous disease. Especially in my situation–hardly anyone my age can relate to having a terminal illness at all, because, well, … Continue reading Death

One More Day Until Chemo

I’m freaking out about chemo and everything right now. I had a great weekend (I don’t think I mentioned yesterday that we had a dance party at church! In our pajamas!), and Yaacov and I just watched a movie, which is the first entertainment I’ve had since the diagnosis. There were crummy parts to the weekend too and I’m having a hard time getting past … Continue reading One More Day Until Chemo

Day 2…Living with Cancer…?

Tired. Is it the cancer or the stress? Had a nice day with the family today. I like the distraction. Now the girls are in bed and Yaacov is playing video games. I spent half an hour looking for matching Christmas pajamas for the family, and just looked up and saw the time. Then I realized: I’m DYING. Right now. Who knows how much longer … Continue reading Day 2…Living with Cancer…?