Still Recovering…and Upcoming Events

I am definitely still recovering from the DIEP surgery. I have had many moments of regretting the surgery. I don’t know if it was too soon or just because I happen to have gotten sick at the same time. Everyone I spent time with at Christmas got sick, so it wasn’t just because my immune system was down, but it hit me so hard I … Continue reading Still Recovering…and Upcoming Events

Prayers for the Week and Foundation

This is a big week for prayers, so please fill the heavens with echos of these requests. In addition, if you have any prayers I can join you with, please comment or email them. It helps if you send the person’s name (first only is fine), and updates as they occur. Alison: The woman we prayed for a few months ago is having a scan … Continue reading Prayers for the Week and Foundation

Updated Prayers for today, Monday and beyond

In case anyone on here is a prayer warrior (I know the answer to that!), there are some upcoming important events for a few of the severe illnesses I’m following. I have been trying to not give away as much identifying info as I did in the past so that’s why I’m just using initials: Today (Thursday) from 6-7 pm we will be praying for … Continue reading Updated Prayers for today, Monday and beyond